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Performing, Honing Your Craft

Sep 23, 2014 09:30 AM

Lee Duck

Why (and How) to Shape Your Performance Like an Action Film

Image via rotaryaction.com

It’s not a secret that human beings are inherently attracted to productions, right? We like stories. We like watching things develop and ultimately meet a resolution. While this may seem like it only pertains to film and TV, storytelling is also extremely prevalent in music. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – from classical and opera, to lyric-driven folk songs and hip-hop, songs have always had plots.

Get Your Act Together: 7 Things That Make Your Band Look Bad

Image via posh24.com

Everyone seems to be in a band these days, right? Venue managers are bombarded with booking-related emails and phone calls every day, and record label execs are consistently buried under demos and press kits.

So, how can you break through the static?

Not only should you carry yourself professionally enough to be considered by key decision-makers in the first place, but once you’ve taken the stage, you need to make a stellar impression if you want your phone to keep ringing (and your wallet to stay full). Even if you're a brand new band, you should be acting like true professionals from start to finish if you ever want to be treated like professionals.

Features, Booking Gigs & Touring

Aug 7, 2014 11:39 AM

Lee Duck

7 Tips for Making Your DIY Tour Stand Out From the Competition

You can get professional lighting and visuals on a DIY budget. (Image via Planet Vectorworks)

In my last article, we discussed ways in which you can plan and book a DIY tour that runs effectively, successfully, and within your budget. So now that you’ve packed up your gear, managed your expenses, and hit the road, what can you do to really blow your fans out of the water night after night?

How to Book a DIY Tour Like a Pro

Image via Interstate-8

It’s no secret that in today’s industry, musicians are much more than musicians. Often we have to be our own booking agents, publicists, marketing teams, merch coordinators, and a myriad of other tasks that are often overlooked: chef, accountant, driver, babysitter, and much more.

So, when an artist decides to go tour, juggling all of these roles can be incredibly daunting.