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How to Make and Maintain Great Music Industry Connections

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“It’s all about who you know” is a cliche repeated so often that we simply tune it out. But the fact is, it’s true. And it’s not just who you know – it's also what kind of relationships you have. There are artists who have been very successful simply because they're great "hangs."

If you're only able to do one thing to improve your music career, it should be working on your ability to make and maintain great connections. It’s something that I’m always trying to work on, and it’s something that you can start working on right now. Here's how.

How Imitating Other Singers Can Help You Find Your Own Voice

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Every singer has a unique voice, and everyone wants to find his or her own voice. This should totally be your goal, but I think there's real merit in imitating other singers, and I certainly don’t think you should feel bad about doing it.

Think about it: when you’re practicing literally every other instrument, you start out by imitating certain styles, techniques, and feels perfected by other players. Why should your voice be any different?

Imitating other singers will teach you many, many things about using your voice, and then you can take those lessons and hone your own voice to be the best it can be!

How to Be Your Own Tour Manager

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A professional tour manager comes on the road with a band to ensure the tour runs smoothly, everybody gets paid, everybody leaves on time, and the accommodations are taken care of. As an indie band, you’re probably not going to have a tour manager the next time you hit the road. Which is a bummer, because that means a lot more work for you!

Some bands have their touring sound tech perform tour management duties, which is a good use of personnel finances, but that may be a couple years down the line for most DIY musicians. So without someone to rely on (and blame things on), we indie artists have to be our own tour managers.

A smoothly run tour is now your responsibility, and yours alone. So how do you do it? Let’s find out!

How to Book a Band the Right Way

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Every band has a horror story about a gig where nothing went right. Similarly, every promoter, talent buyer, and festival organizer has a horror story about a band that made their lives miserable.

My primary occupation is playing music in an original band. However, I'm also a part of a volunteer board that organizes a concert series and festival. Having both of these experiences has given me a good look at what makes an event a great experience for everyone. It should be engaging and challenging to organize  but not a headache. It should be a joy to play, a comfortable experience that allows an artist to give their best performance.

So how do you go about booking a band? Read on.

How Real Touring Bands Stay Healthy on the Road

Photo by Joey Visser; used with permission

Staying healthy on the road – is it a myth? Can it really happen? Well, nobody will tell you it’s easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Every road-worn musician has developed routines, habits, and tricks for keeping themselves healthy while touring around the country. I’ve interviewed and collected a few tips from some of the best hardworking musicians in Canada and compiled them here. Take it from these road vets – these tips are tried and true.