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3 Ways to Use Streaming Platforms to Your Advantage as a Developing Artist

This is the ideal reaction from your listeners, after all. (Image via playbuzz.com)

Streaming companies don't make it easy to love them. Of course the royalty structure is off, and we hope that strides are made to resolve such issues in years to come and get artists paid. But for the time being, developing artists, there might be a different way to look at things that could benefit your burgeoning career.

The Art of Planning a Tour: Which Regions Should You Hit and When?

Image via verbicidemagazine.com/The Art of Touring

If you've been stuck in a Canadian snowstorm or an Austin heatwave on the road, you know these are not the kind of experiences you want to relive. Sure, they're funny stories for a bit, but canceled shows mean you don't get paid. Mother nature can be a homie to us most of the time, but she can really turn on us and wreak havoc when she so desires.

Since my company, Audio Blood, is based in Canada, we've learned to tough it out, but we've also learned to keep a good eye on when we can get the heck out of our chilly country, which is why it's important to know the best and worst times to make the most out of your touring schedule. Now, for a bit of perspective, this is ideal for those bands in colder climates and seasonal opportunities, but the logic can be easily applied to anyone in North America.

How to Take Control of Your Career as a Self-Managed Artist

Loreena McKennitt is a self-produced, self-managed artist who owns her own record label. (Image via alaturka.info)

If you're a self-managed artist, then you already understand the struggles of trying to keep your career on track. Being self-managed means you're both the artist and the businessman/woman, and quite often those two titles clash. But it can be done – and fluidly! Countless artists have found the balance between the two roles. Here's how to take control of your career and keep your business on track while not compromising your artistic integrity.

Is Negativity Holding Your Band Back?

Image via buzzfeed.com

When a band is at their best, there's an aura of positive vibes emanating. They're working together in sync and letting their ambitions get them to a higher place. It's a major characteristic I've seen in bands that grow from small-town to national to global. They fight to maintain positivity, and it isn't always easy. 

So what keeps other bands struggling and stuck in the opposite groove? Negativity. Let's face it  everyone’s guilty of succumbing to negativity every once in a while. Whether it's letting someone else's negativity bring you down, or your own bad attitude keeping your band from finishing a song, it's safe to say that negativity can keep you from reaching your full potential. Negativity is your fear getting to you, and it can act as a creative block if you allow it to.

You may not notice it, but negativity could be holding your band back right now. You could have fallen into a funk in which many before you have found themselves trapped without even noticing. 

'The Big S': Understanding Strategy and Your 5-Step Music Career Road Map

Image via S.Owens Writes

Strategy. We throw the word around often, but do we really, truly understand what it means? When I started out in this industry 10 years ago, I don't think I did. It wasn't until I spent years navigating and making mistakes that I felt what a truly great strategy coming to fruition meant. Now, I've been able to look back at and say, "Hey, that happened because of this, like I had planned." That's a pretty cool feeling.