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3 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

Turn your fans into an excited group of minions! (Image via blog.games.com)

For DIY, indie, and even some major label artists, crowdfunding is a major way to bring in revenue and ensure that a project will move along with the capital you need. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to garner experience, and there are lots of ways an artist can benefit from it. While the basics are obvious – getting your campaign actually funded, gaining some new fans, and putting some cash in your pocket – there are some not-so-obvious benefits, too.

You Just Shot Your First Music Video – Now What?

Photo by Kitty Crawford

Ever since the demise of MTV's TRL, we've heard people from all walks of life claim that the music video is dead. But even though MTV may not play 'em, with social media becoming such a norm in the past 10 years, a music video is still a must-have tool for artists. If a song's a great success but you want to ensure its longevity, throw a music video behind it and upload it to YouTube for it to be viewed in perpetuity. Or, if you simply want to put a visual element to your music – just make a lyric video.

Regardless of why you choose to make a video, what exactly do you do after your band finishes its first visual masterpiece? Check these to-dos off your list first.

4 Online Tools You Should Be Using to Gather Insights About Your Fans

Photo by Peter Andersson

A few weeks ago, we posted an article on three things all artists should know about their fans in order to make informed decisions about marketing their music. Think about it like this: your band is your brand, right? And all successful brands do some sort of marketing research, whether it's an in-depth survey or something as small as checking out where your sales or followers are located via Facebook Insights. 

You must consistently be on top of what your fans are into, what they want, and how to reach them. While we've already discussed why you need to know certain aspects of your fans' habits, this article will give you the tools and tricks to learn more about these habits so you can plan your next career move in an informed way.

How to Get Social Media Content for a Month From a Single Event

Image via thosewhodig.net

As a DIY musician, it's essential that you have fresh social media content often to ensure that your fans are engaged and feel connected to your work. However, many artists are so focused on their work that properly filling up their social channels becomes a bit foreign. Or you may only have one show a month max, and the occasional other event, so how can you have engaging content that lasts weeks? Here's how to take just one event and get enough content to last the entire month on social media.

Facebook Advertising for Musicians, Part 2: When to Boost vs. Run an Ad

Image via mashable.com

A few weeks ago I gave an overview on Facebook advertising for musicians. We discussed the best ways to tweak your posts along with the general mechanics of how to run an ad. In this follow-up piece, we will be getting a bit more specific on the differences between boosting a post and running an ad, which kind of scenarios are ideal for each, and touch on all those small details that will help you best understand how to gain more exposure for your music through Facebook advertising.