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How to Make Your EPK Appeal to Festival Bookers: Advice From The Marquee

Photo courtesy of the artist

If you've ever submitted to a gig, licensing opportunity, or songwriting contest, then you know the importance of a strong EPK that accurately represents your accomplishments and fanbase. The promoters and judges on the other end want to see your social media presence, Spotify play count, YouTube views, press quotes, performance history, and more. NYC-based rock band The Marquee knows just how far you're able to go when you consistently update your EPK, hone in on what makes you unique, and you're as professional as can be. Through this independent band's hard work, they've found themselves playing major festivals like CMJ and CBGB, and are now gearing up for a Northeast tour.

However, it didn't happen right away – they were submitting to performance opportunities for a while with a press kit they created on their own, but they weren't getting responses. Once they created a professional EPK on Sonicbids, they told us, they noticed that promoters started taking them more seriously, and they started getting booked for more and more shows. So what is it about the content of The Marquee's new EPK that's been getting them selected for more opportunities? Here's what we found out.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your EPK

Image via roberthancockco.com

It's spring, it's spring! Can you believe it? Better yet, can you feel it? The smell of lilacs in the air, the way those chilly mornings are slowly turning to humid evenings? And what better time to do a bit of spring cleaning than, well, spring? But while you're digging up the garden and cleaning out your garage, let's not forget the kind that can change your career: electronic press kit spring cleaning! Check out these five simple tips for a cleaner, catchier, more dynamic EPK.

3 Ways an EPK Can Supercharge Your Networking

Networking at SXSW. (Photo by Nicole Burton)

In today's digital landscape, good networking skills are a necessary evil among business people and musicians alike. It may not be your favorite part of your job, but making new contacts, exploring new opportunities, and marketing yourself are key steps toward career growth. For musicians, good networking is all about sharing your story. What are you about? What is your music about?

5 Ways to Make Your Sonicbids EPK Stand Out From the Crowd

The Afterwhile (Image via sonicbids.com)

So you've registered for Sonicbids. Congratulations! It's clear you understand the value of an electronic press kit. By creating an EPK, you're making it that much easier for promoters, booking agents, and press to gather info about your band and help you land great opportunitiesBut how do you make your EPK stand out from the crowd? Take a look at what these five Sonicbids bands got right, and then go spruce up your EPK accordingly!

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Jun 6, 2014 01:24 PM

Marc Secoy

Here’s What Sonicbids Promoters Actually Care About in Your EPK

Guest post by Marc Secoy of Your Town Entertainment, which organizes Paper City Music Festival and books entertainment for several other organizations' events.

Having a complete and well put together electronic press kit (EPK) plays a vital role in landing gig opportunities, but the truth is that many promoters can determine within just a couple of minutes whether an artist would be a good fit. Just like in real life, it’s all about first impressions – and there are certain things that promoters are specifically looking for when making band selections and rejections.

This doesn’t at all mean that you should leave parts of your EPK incomplete based on the information I’m about to give you. Remember that you’re competing for a select few slots against dozens or even hundreds of other artists, so if parts of your EPK are incomplete, you’re probably going to lose out to another great artist who has every section filled out. Instead, use this information to help prioritize your time by focusing your efforts on the aspects of your EPK that could make or break you in a promoter’s eyes.