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How to Avoid Blowing Your Budget Before Your Album Release

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You’ve got your hands on your freshly mastered album, something you’ve poured countless hours and thousands of dollars into. When release day finally comes, you wait anxiously for the media to pick it up, for the sales to roll in, for the praise and recognition you know you’ve earned to come your way.

Instead, what you’re met with is a deafening silence. The media isn’t chomping at the bit like you’d hoped, the sales are minimal, and although your friends and family have high praise, it about ends there.

Ask a Music Lawyer:  How to Actually Hire a Lawyer

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I've previously discussed what to consider when hiring an attorney and how to find the right attorney for you. Some questions have been asked about what the hiring process actually looks like once you have found the attorney with whom you want to work. Overall it’s fairly simple, however, the process can be filled with uncertainty if you’ve never hired an attorney before. Procedures vary slightly between attorneys, but here’s an idea based on the general landscape and my own personal experience.

3 Ways to Tell if a Music Company Is Scamming You

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While there are many reputable companies and organizations in the music industry – in fact, the vast majority are on the up and up – there are a few that like to prey on the unaware. While I can't give specific names (and even if I could, there are likely ones that haven't hit the radar yet), here are three hallmarks to watch out for to know whether or not you're about to get scammed.

3 Science-Backed Tips to Make More Money From Your Fans

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There are a lot of tips that can be useful when it comes to making it work in the music industry as an independent, up-and-coming artist. Oftentimes, the best people to look to for advice are those who have been there before, as they can give some sage advice and reflect on their experiences. Those suggestions are certainly helpful, but sometimes you need a little more than anecdotal evidence. Here are three scientifically proven tips that will help you raise money, sell merch, and form lasting relationships with your fans.

How Songwriters Just Lost Music Performance Income Because of the U.S. Department of Justice

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9/19/16 update: Federal Judge Louis Stanton issued an order rejecting the US Department of Justice’s interpretation of the BMI consent decree, which is a huge victory for songwriters. Read more about the details of the ruling on billboard.com.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently issued a massive blow to all songwriters and music publishers that will have repercussions both in the U.S. and abroad, and threatens the ability of creators to earn a living from their music as well as creativity itself.

Since 1941, performing rights organizations (PROs) ASCAP and BMI, which track and collect performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers, have been subject to consent decrees issued by the DOJ. These consent decrees are agreements that allow the government to regulate ASCAP and BMI’s license fees and how they operate in order to prevent monopolization and encourage competition. (The two other PROs, SESAC and GMR, are both independent, privately owned companies that operate on a for-profit basis and are not subject to consent decrees.)