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VH1 Save The Music Showcase: Meet the Bands!

Sonicbids and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation have partnered up for a very special benefit showcase on November 6 at Pianos in NYC to support music education programs for children. Meet the artists selected to perform below, and find out how music discovery at a young age inspired their artistic development and current sound.

This Week's Top Music Gigs: VH1 Save the Music Showcase, NXNE, and More

Perform at NXNE 2015

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4 Awesome Nonprofits That Are Saving Music Education

The Pink Slips performing at the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls, a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. Photo credit: Roger Kisby.

As a kid in elementary school, I absolutely hated music class. When I got to middle school and the option to take band came along, I didn’t think twice about passing it up. It wasn’t even the least bit appealing, even though I was learning how to play instruments at home. Something about the formalism and the structure was just an absolute turnoff. In my mid-20s, I realized that I knew woefully little about music on any kind of technical theory level and that I really, really wished that I did. While trying to teach myself basic theory, it occurred to me that I’d passed up a very basic and easy step to understanding it all: taking band and paying more attention in elementary music classes.

Music programs are frequently on the chopping block in underfunded and struggling public schools. They’re among the first (if not the first) to be cut when things get tight. Fortunately, there are a few nonprofit programs out there attempting to paper up these widening cracks, varying in scope and focus. Some are corporate in origin, while some come from more of a DIY/punk ethos. All operate on the theory that music is ineffably important and can change – and even save – lives. Here are four of our favorites: