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Why You're Putting Off Playing Music (And How to Change It)

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We're all guilty of a little procrastination from time to time. After all, that guitar isn't going anywhere, right? It'll still be lying around while you nap for an extra few minutes, watch another episode of Sesame Street, or play a few more games of Monopoly. Dodging creative work is almost a part of the creative work itself. Although it's common, that doesn't make it right. We all know that avoidance is a fickle beast. You can try to dodge it all you want, but it will always find a way into the corners of your mind, itching for you to accept that fact that you have work to do.

Everyone is guilty of these behaviors, but do you actually know why you have them? It's not as simple as laziness. Many times, the reason for why we dodge our work lies in the work itself.

How to Maximize Profits From Your Music Merch

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Being a musician has never been easy, but it's particularly difficult in 2016. There’s still money to be made in the music industry, though, and a large percentage of that comes from merchandise. Fans who attend your concerts love to immortalize their experience by purchasing a cool T-shirt, poster, or perhaps your band’s own zany creation. The potential for merchandise to bring in some serious dough is there, yet many bands aren't taking it so seriously.

Why There's Nothing Wrong With Playing "Easy" Music (No Matter How Proficient You Are)

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Selling out. Depending on who you are, those can be two of the worst words in the music industry. We see it happen all the time, and many aspiring musicians swear they'll never go down that path, unlike some of their once-beloved idols.

Selling out means completely abandoning any artistic freedom in favor of cheap, easy songs that bring in money and appeal to the masses. In theory, it sounds horrible to an artist, which is why legions of musicians stick to their credo and play technically difficult music or seek out large challenges just to avoid this outcome.

Sure, that's honorable in a way, but what if there was a method to play accessible music without selling out? It's possible to play music that's within your range of capabilities without signing your soul over to the devil and playing bubblegum pop for the rest of your life. You may think that taking on difficult music for the sake of impressing your music friends is a proud statement to make, but in reality, it can be damaging to your music career.

Why You Should Record Yourself During Practice (And the Best Ways to Do It)

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Surely you remember the first time you recorded your own voice. Upon listening back, you must have been shocked to sound so different. You were probably in disbelief that such a strange voice like that could belong to you. Once you got over the shock, though, you came to a realization: your voice sounds different to you than it does to everyone else.

This same concept is true for an instrument. The way you hear the sound from behind your instrument isn't the same sound a listener hears. You may think that you're producing a certain effect on your instrument, and perhaps you can even feel it happening. But when you listen back to a recording, it's not there.

Why You're Not as Musically Productive as You Want to Be (And How to Change It Right Now)

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For the most part, musicians want to create as much music as possible with the smallest amount of stress involved. But as you know, it's never that easy. Sitting down and trying to write or practice a song can be a painstaking process.

Why is this? Music is something we all love, and we like to think that it should come naturally and without any negative thoughts. Well, it doesn't, and unfortunately there is no simple solution to solving your productivity dilemma. But just because there's no simple solution, that doesn't mean there isn't a solution out there. Increasing productivity is a strategic process of organization, dedication, and building good habits.

There aren't musicians out there who are more gifted in the art of productivity than others. They just know how to use their time more efficiently. You, too, can be one of these individuals, but first, you need to understand why you're not productive to begin with.