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Avoid These 5 Common Music Career Mistakes in the New Year

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This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician Blog.


You want to take things to the next level in 2016, build a bigger fanbase, play more shows, make better music, get more video views, bring in more revenue. Well, the start of the year is the perfect time to put a new plan into action. But while you're setting your music career goals for 2016, watch out for these all-too-common mistakes.

Put the Paperwork Behind You: The Essential Musician Checklist for 2016

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This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician. 

I know you didn't get into music because you just love filling out forms and waiting for files to upload. But part of professionalizing your music career does involve paperwork, profile maintenance, proper rights registration, and more.

Checking off the items on this list might not be as fun as writing a new song, but it's important – and what better time to commit to getting it done than the beginning of a new year?

5 Tips for Sending Better Holiday Emails to Your Fans

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This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician Blog.


Did you know that 20 percent of all music sales happen in the last six weeks of the year? That makes sense, since similar end-of-year sales spikes happen for books, clothes, and almost every other product on the market (except for bug spray and bathing suits).

With the boom in sales, of course, comes a huge increase in marketing emails, too. Why? Because email is still the best way to reach people online – and everyone out there with something to sell knows it.

To make your email newsletters as effective as possible this season, they've got to cut through the rest of the noise in your fans' inboxes. Here are five ways to make sure people are seeing, opening, reading, and acting on the info in your holiday emails.

5 Music Career Lessons I Learned From Gardening

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This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician Blog.


I finally get gardening. I mean the appeal of it, not the green thumb part. Over the past few months I've been building and tending to my very first vegetable garden. Naturally, this made me think of… DIY music careers!

It's one of the oldest cliches: the metaphor of life as a garden (or visa versa). But I'm about to go there. So take out your self-help trowels, and dig with me a while.

25 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

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This article originally appeared on The DIY Musician Blog.


What do all successful YouTubers have in common? They create great videos. That's step number one, at least. Beyond that, you've probably noticed how smart video creators are using some of YouTube's tools and features to harness the power of those videos and their intended viewers.

Is your channel optimized? Here's a simple checklist you can reference to make sure you're doing everything you can to boost views, build a loyal audience, and earn more money through YouTube.