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6 Ways to Make Music (And Money) Without Being a Performer

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Performing is something musicians do, but not all musicians perform. For those of us musicians who don’t like to or choose not to perform, we can be confused about our musical identities. Should we even consider ourselves musicians? (Yes, a thousand times yes.) But we don’t actually do what musicians “do.”

5 Seattle Venues You Have to Check Out for Your Next Pacific Northwest Tour

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Seattle has been home to some serious music legends, so we wouldn't be surprised if your tour already included this Pacific Northwest metropolis. This city has a ton to offer in the way of kick-ass venues; there are venues for the up-and-comers to the megastars. But if you're unsure of where to start looking, we've got a lineup of venues all around the city for any taste.

5 Great Music Venues in the Portland Area to Check Out for Your Next Pacific Northwest Tour

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The Pacific Northwest of the US is amazing for so many different reasons: the mountains, the natural history, and definitely the music. I mean, Seattle alone was home to Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones, and Jimi Hendrix. I think those three are enough to convince you that this region is one of the best for music scenes.

But with the famed names aside, Oregon has much to offer for everyone in the music industry, especially Portland. Portland prides itself on its eclectic counterculture, amazing food, and inclusiveness. There's just about anything for anyone in Portland, including the up-and-coming and breakthrough musicians.

Portland's wide variety of venues and performance spaces makes it a great city to hit up for a tour or even just as you're passing through. From historical venues to chill coffee houses, here are just some of the venues in Portland and surrounding areas you should check out for the next time you plan to head out on a tour.

Musician Life

Sep 22, 2016 08:00 AM

Rachel Bresnahan

The Best Yoga Poses for Musicians

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Part of being a musician is having a busy life. It’s what we signed up for. From having mandatory piano lessons at a young age, to maybe being in marching band, to pursuing a music career, busy is our middle name. Being busy isn't a negative aspect of life; it means that we care to do all that we can to pursue our dreams. But with a crammed schedule, we tend to also comprise many other aspects of life like sleeping well, relationships, and oftentimes our health.

How to Set Positive and Realistic Music Career Goals

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We've all set a New Year's resolution at some point and have been maybe too ambitious with what we wanted to accomplish in the year. Falling into the cycle of setting unrealistic and vague goals is common when we want to change something in our lives. However, setting goals without a clear idea of how and why you want to achieve them isn't going to help you propel your music career forward.