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5 Times Music Changed the Course of History

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Regardless of how you feel about America's current government, it’s clear that the political situation in the US is becoming increasingly heated. Whenever you turn on the news, there seems to be some new controversial political development. It certainly feels like we’re living through a major historical moment right now.

Through the power of social media, musicians are making their voices heard on political issues. It's certainly not the first time artists have chimed in on the political climate. Throughout history, you’ll find examples of music and musicians playing a big role in a number of major world events.

From the French Revolution to the Arab Spring, here are some examples of times when music has changed the course of history.

7 Uncommon Tips to Lessen Your Musical Struggles

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book, Big Magic, is a tough-love manifesto for the struggling artist. If you find yourself in that struggling artist category, and let’s face it, you’re probably in that majority, then I urge you to read on.

Why Science Says It's Okay to Give Up on Your Music Career Goals

We can only assume these guys are on their way to chuck their instruments into the ocean. (Image via

Remember the 1999 film Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen? No? Well, to refresh your memory, a motto from the film was, "Never give up, never surrender." While it was more of a joke in the movie, this philosophy has become a popular one to live by in Western culture. But in terms of your music career, this might not always be the best advice.

How to Be a Nice Guy in Music and Not Finish Last

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We've all heard the phrase "nice guys finish last," the basis being that "nice guys" lack the confidence and aggression needed to succeed in life, thus being trampled by their "mean" cohorts. Fortunately for all the inherently considerate folk out there, this is a myth.

It's entirely possible to be nice and successful at the same time. There are, however, some finer details to keep in mind. So put a smile on your face, get those mean insults out of your head, and start down your path to success.

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