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4 Creative Ideas to Get Your Music Out There

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Promotion is so tough. I say this a lot, but I don’t like being salesy or promote-y. It feels fake and I’m not good at it. I mostly write and record songs, not put together “PR packages” (is that even a thing people say?).

So I did some brainstorming and came up with five creative ways we musicians can get our music out into the world. These are by no means completely original, but these are things I’ve tried and I’ve been happy with the results.

Infographic: Breaking Down Live Music Booking

Gig booking is the lifeblood of most musical careers. Sure, album sales are great, but these days most musicians make the lion's share of their cash from getting in front of paying customers. 

If you've gigged around at all, you probably know that the world of live music is way more complicated than it probably seems to outsiders. When you're dealing with everything from door deals to angry managers, things can get very confusing (and overwhelming) super quickly. 

7 Unusual Tools to Boost Your Music Career

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As a savvy emerging musician, you’ve probably made sure to have all the necessary tools going into your career. You have your home recording studio, your social media pages, the best of the best in terms of instruments and stage equipment — and yet, something still feels like it’s missing. In the day to day of utilizing all these things, there’s still a part of you that feels, dare I say, inefficient.

Should You Crowdfund Your Music Career?

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This article originally appeared on Royalty Exchange.


Back in the day, a hustling artist could peddle a mixtape out of their trunk at swap shows, or grind it out long enough for a major to sign them. Then came crowdfunding through sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. A gift from the music Gods that put the power back in the artist’s hands. A platform that allows them to go straight to the source of their fame to collect funds for new projects. Or so it seemed.

5 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Ever for Your Fans

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Is there anyone who doesn’t relish in the magic of summer? There’s something about the imagery of lavish pool parties, late nights, unforgettable moments, and a season that simultaneously feels like it could last forever and flies by. It’s pure magic.

It’s no wonder this is the season of touring, festivals, brand-new songs and albums, and breathtaking adventures. If you think about it, summer is pretty much built for anything and everything new and exciting.

So instead of holing up in the studio all summer or sitting on a bunch of great ideas, we’re challenging you to make this one to remember for your fans and to really go above and beyond over the next few months. We’ve compiled a few ideas—some a twist on old classics, others a little ambitious — to help you make this the best summer yet.