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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Jul 18, 2016 10:00 AM

Need a pick-me-up for your mid-summer Monday morning? We don't blame you. This week's most read articles on Sonicbids will surely distract you from your day job in a good way. Don't worry; your boss is totally not standing behind you right now. (You checked, didn't you?)

1. Be Your Own Record Label: Everything You Need to Know About Distribution

shutterstock_270487076Photo by Barry Blackburn via Shutterstock

If you're releasing a record yourself, make sure you've got your distribution strategy down pat.


2. The One Big Mistake Bands Make After Playing a Gig

fans_bands_how_to_grow_fanbase_independent_diy_artists_.jpgImage via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

If you think the show's over when you walk off the stage, you're wrong.


3. 5 Common Questions From Aspiring Music Producers, Answered

800px-SSL_SL9000J_72ch__The_Cutting_Room_Recording_Studios_NYC.jpgPhoto by Rebecca Wilson via Wikimedia Commons

We guarantee these questions have entered your mind more than once when thinking about becoming a music producer.


4. How to Make a Low-Budget Music Video That Isn't Lame

shutterstock_144018151Image via Shutterstock

You don't need a multi-million-dollar budget to make a music video that looks and feels exciting.


5. Here's Exactly What to Say to Get IRS Tax Penalties Waived for Your Band

taxesImage via iStockphoto

Guess what, musicians? You don't have to pay that tax penalty after all.


6. Try These Dreamy, Shoegaze Chord Patterns for Alternate Guitar Tunings

alt-tunings-header.jpgAll images via

Add an ethereal vibe to your songs with these tried-and-true shoegazer chord staples.


7. Everything Musicians Need to Know About Audio File Formats

audio formatsPhoto by Martin Krolikowski via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Here’s everything you need to know about audio formats, and what the best use is for each type.


8. Musicians: How to Tell if You Practice Mindfully or Mindlessly

Image via

There are more efficient ways to practice music than simply counting the hours and repeating lessons.


9. 5 Things You Should Give Away at Your Next Show to Turn Attendees Into Fans

shutterstock_430269775Besides your music, of course. (Image via Shutterstock)

It pays off big time in the long run if you give fans a little somethin'-somethin' for free at shows.


10. 5 of the Greatest Music Producers of All Time

producerPhoto by Bruce Timothy Mans via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

These five producers are responsible for creating some of the most iconic music the world has ever known.

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