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How to Be a Singer

Photo by Mark J Sebastian via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Becoming a professional singer doesn't just happen overnight – it takes time, practice, patience, and a solid education in the discipline. Read on to learn practice tips, ways to push your singing ability further, the pros and cons of going solo vs. joining a band, how to maintain your confidence in this cutthroat and highly competitive industry, and the different ways you can support yourself financially as a professional vocalist.

The Ultimate Singer Survival Kit: 20 Things Every Singer Should Have

Photo by Everett Collection via Shutterstock

Though I'm somewhat biased on this, I believe singers are quite the special breed of human. With our instruments inside of our bodies, it's no wonder we sometimes get the "diva" reputation. The voice is a precious, delicate, and special instrument, dammit!

And that instrument is unfortunately subject to a number of variables including sickness, weather, overuse, dehydration... the list goes on. For all of my fellow vocalists out there who know the realness of the struggle, here are 20 things every singer should have to survive.

The Top 8 Social Media Outlets to Promote Your Music (And How to Best Use Them)

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There's no question that social media is the best way to communicate directly with fans, and it's not going away anytime soon. There are tons of different platforms and apps out there, and it's virtually impossible to keep up with all of them. It seems like "the kids" are into something new every day.

Though I certainly don't expect you to be down with all of them, it is important that you understand them all and the value they have for promoting your music and connecting you with the people who support it. Here are eight social media sites that can provide great exposure for your music and how to best take advantage of them.

4 Times DIYing Your Music Career Actually Costs You More in the Long Run

Image via YouTube; used under Creative Commons

In this day and age, so much technology is accessible right at our fingertips. We now live in a time where expensive agencies, studios, and many professional services are no longer out of reach. Tech companies have capitalized on the recent DIY nature of our culture, and have thus provided numerous software systems available on home computers, laptops, and even the smallest of devices to put once inaccessible technology at our fingertips and in the comfort of our own homes.

For many reasons, this is fantastic. Artists are able to learn new crafts, extend their knowledge and know-how, and, most of all, save money. But what happens when, in an effort to be thrifty, the vertex of DIY intersects with loss of quality standards in your work? I’m all about saving a few bucks, but here are four examples of when DIYing your career is actually going to end up costing you more in the long run.

5 Things That Separate Career Musicians From Hobby Musicians

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Music is something that's enjoyed by all kinds of people around the world. These people are split by those who enjoy listening to music and those who also enjoy making music. But out of the latter, this special group is further divided into what I like to refer to as the "hobby musicians" and the "career musicians." Sometimes the lines can be blurred (my personal favorite is those precious newbies who blissfully confuse their place in the "musician food chain"), but these six factors will help you determine where you fall.