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How to Find a New Bandmate

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When you need a player for your band, whether it be somebody to fill out the lineup of a new project or a replacement for a player you've lost, recruiting a new person is tedious work. Finding that perfect match in terms of skill, style, ambition, and personality can be daunting, especially if you haven't been active in the scene long enough to develop a strong network.

Your network, no matter how small, is going to be essential in narrowing down your search for the right bandmate. Here are some tactics that I've used in the past to fill a vacancy.

5 Tricks I've Used to Get Booked for More Gigs

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These days, there are more bands than ever, and venues are closing down in major cities all over the country. This obviously presents a problem. There are a lot of bands competing for a limited number of gigs. If your band is gigging at all, you're doing pretty well. However, lots of serious bands have the drive to play more frequently, but are often frustrated by not being able to book as many gigs as they would like. If this describes your situation, give some of these strategies a try.

Musician Life

Sep 21, 2015 08:00 AM

Dylan Welsh

5 Respectful Ways to Let Your Bandmates Know They're Sucking

So... who's gonna tell them? (Image via fanpop.com)

We all have had big aspirations of standing on a huge arena stage and playing an incredible concert that completely blows people's minds. However, reality isn't always so epic, and you might find yourself in a band that happens to sound… well… below the "rock god" standard.

Whether it's the skill level of the players, the lack of group cohesiveness, or unfortunate song arrangements, you may very well find yourself in a band that stinks at some point in your career. The easy route, of course, would be to leave the group. But if you see some potential within your group that could be achieved with a little polishing, there are some ways to inspire your bandmates and put some fire under their butts without unnecessarily hurting anyone's feelings.

Gig Booking 101: 26 Terms You Need to Know

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There's a lot of vocabulary and lingo that gets thrown around at a venue during a performance. Anybody who's been gigging for a while will have likely picked up on all of these terms, but if you're new to gigging, the jargon could be a little overwhelming. If that's you, here are a few key terms that will hopefully allow communication between you and the venue staff to go smoothly.

Musician Life

Sep 14, 2015 07:00 AM

Dylan Welsh

8 Lies Every Musician Has Told at Least Once

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Musicians have a totally unique set of excuses and fibs at their disposal. Are you guilty of any of these tried-and-true musician lies?