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What Musicians Need to Know About Australia's Music Scene: An Inside Look With BOOM! BAP! POW!

Photo by Daniel Lames Grant

Australia's not only known for its unique natural wonders and beautiful nature, but also for its great contribution to music. While the Billboard charts usually feature artists from England or the United States at the top, there are tons of great music communities Down Under.

Soul-pop band BOOM! BAP! POW! has seen a ton of success in their hometown of Perth, one of Australia's most vibrant music cities. Whether they're licensing their music with major brands, reaching thousands on social media, or rocking their local scene, they're doing it right. We caught up with Paul Hines of the band to find out what might surprise people about the Australian music community and how they've found international recognition as an independent band.

What the Rest of the World Needs to Know About Iceland's Incredible Music Scene: An Inside Look With Hinemoa

Image via sonicbids.com

When you think of Iceland, you probably imagine volcanoes, blue eyes, and Björk. The country has become a big tourist attraction for its stunning landscapes and nature, but also because of its vibrant culture. Even with a population of just over 300,000, the country has one of the most exciting and diverse music scenes today. 

Icelanders have no barriers when it comes to creating art; they're ambitious and driven by self-expression. We spoke with Sindri Magnússon, the bassist of Reykjavík indie-pop band Hinemoa, whose music has reached the top 20 on the national radio chart in Iceland, about all the surprising things the rest of the world doesn't know about their flourishing local music community.

What's It Really Like to Perform at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta? Q&A With Young Chizz

Image courtesy of the artist

Any budding hip-hop artist knows that performing at the A3C Hip Hop Festival & Conference in Atlanta is akin to a right of passage. Not only does it look tremendous on your EPK, but it gives you the opportunity to be a part of a huge creative hub of talented artists and industry pros.

We recently spoke with New York-based rapper Young Chizz, who wowed the audience with his performance at last year's festival. He's been on tour with huge artists such as Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, has had his music played on MTV, and has reached nearly half a million views on VEVO. It was only natural that on his way up, he landed at A3C. Check out our interview below to learn more about his experience, and apply for your shot to perform at this year's A3C (it's free if you submit by July 31, 2016!).

How to Use Music to Get You Through Financial Hardship: Advice From Supa Soop

Photo by View Masta; used with permission

When falling on hard times, we often prioritize our most lucrative opportunities. For some, that might mean picking up shifts at the local bar or succumbing to a job we might not like – or worse, engaging in illegal activity such as drug dealing.

It's already hard enough to make a substantial profit from being an independent musician, but depending on music while you're falling short on money takes serious dedication. Richmond, VA-based rapper Supa Soop felt the weight of his family struggling to pay the bills, but instead of turning away from his passion for music, he embraced it. We caught up with Supa Soop to learn about how music helped keep him afloat during hard times, how he was able to make a profit, and what keeps him motivated to stay focused on music.

How Winning Indie Week Europe Led Pop Duo Victoria+Jean to a Record Deal

Photo by Olivier Donnet

Every year, Indie Week Europe holds a music festival in Manchester, England. Emerging artists perform in front of over a thousand guests, including industry professionals who work in A&R, booking, legal, management, press, and production. Last year, Swedish-Belgian pop duo Victoria+Jean went on to win the coveted "best of the fest" grand prize, which pushed their career into a whole new territory of success and opportunity. As a result of the win, they were invited to perform in Canada for the first time at Indie Week Canada and signed a very promising record deal with Cadence Music, which also boasts artists such as Alabama Shakes, Allen Stone, Cold War Kids, Phish, and Radiohead on its roster.

We caught up with the duo to get all the details on their Indie Week experience: what stood out, what surprised them, and how they were able to make it to the top of the judges' lists.

[Apply for a slot at Indie Week Europe 2016 by June 30!]