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5 Creative Ways to Keep the Buzz Going After Your Show

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In my last post, I discussed five creative ways to build buzz before a show. For this edition, we're focusing on ways to maintain momentum after a gig.

Any music fan knows about the high you get after seeing a killer show. That feeling makes you want to listen to the band even more, purchase merchandise, and vow to see them perform again. Artists shouldn't let these moments pass them by, as this is one of the best opportunities to connect with your fans (new and seasoned) face to face.

5 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Show

Photo by Gillian Driscoll

How to Repurpose Common Apps to Promote Your Music

Photo by Ralph Arvesen

How many apps do you have on your phone? Thanks to our smart devices, we have access to endless platforms that cater to every need and demand imaginable. While most of these apps serve one specific purpose, many of them can be utilized in creative, unconventional ways, proving to be a valuable outlet for inventive music marketing.

For artists, these apps serve more than their intended function. They're outlets for connecting with your target audience in a unique and memorable way, creating experiences that far exceed the lifespan of a Facebook post. Let's take a look at how musicians are creatively expanding their fanbases with the apps everyone is already using.

4 Lessons All Musicians Should Learn From Instagram @Music

Photo by Jared Eberhardt

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these days, a thousand fans and comments. Instagram recently launched @Music, an official account dedicated to "capturing and sharing the world's musical moments." Each week Instagram features a selected photo that shows "a different side of artists you know and love."

Highlighting the value of storytelling, Instagram goes beyond your average 140 characters to share moments that are personal and inspiring. These snapshots give followers a glimpse inside the minds of some of their favorite artists and a taste for what drives them – all with just one photo.

Considering musicians comprise one-quarter of the most popular accounts on Instagram today, it makes sense that the photo-sharing app wants to highlight this dynamic sector of its user base, and there's a lot musicians can learn from the account, the featured artists, and the stories being shared.

Ask a Music Journalist: Which Music Links Do You Prefer in a Pitch Email?

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Humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. We're talking eight seconds to get someone to opt in and listen to your music. (Goldfish, for the record, beat us with nine seconds.) How many seconds does it takes for someone to get to your music? Is audio or video prominently featured on your website and/or Facebook page? Are links discernable in your press releases and newsletters with a clear call to action? If the answer is no, you're losing out on potential press coverage and fans.