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How to Make a Professional Impression When You Send Your Demo

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Record labels and publishers can be uneasy about receiving demos for various legal reasons, especially when presented with unsolicited recordings. They may worry about copyright ownership and administration details, which is why many record labels reject unsolicited demos as a standard practice. Though it's always better to start with a foot in the door whenever you can, making it easier for industry people to take action if they like your music can boost your chances of getting a call back. Here's how to convey that you're a serious and professional musician through your demo.

How Much Can You (Legally) Change in a Cover Song?

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As long as someone else has already made a recording of a song, you and your band can cover it. George Gershwin's song "Summertime" has been covered tens of thousands of times, and each artist covering the song has added his or her own personal touches. But how much can be changed in a cover song before the owner/publisher can demand that you ask for permission and pay them extra money for the privilege? Here are the basics about making changes when performing or recording cover songs without increasing your costs.

How to Get the Performance Royalties You Deserve From Your Tour

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You've planned for food, travel, and a place to spend the night while on tour, but have you planned how you'll get royalties for your performances, make recordings, and hire extra musicians? The following tips help explain how copyright can affect you and contribute to your bottom line while on tour.

4 Essential Truths About Keeping Your Music Career Alive

Paul McCartney knows a thing or two about longevity. (Image via pitch.com)

We all have days when the daily grind of life starts to obscure our passion for music or makes a musical career feel out of reach. But whether you're a seasoned performer or just getting started, there are a few essential truths about keeping your musical career alive. In this post, we'll look at ways to stay interesting (and interested), find day jobs that actually help build your musical network, and maintain an active performance schedule so that you're prepared to thrive in your musical career.

3 of the Most Commonly Misunderstood Music Copyright Laws

Weird Al's music might be covered under parody or fair use, but he typically asks an artist's permission before creating a derivative work. (Image via nbcbayarea.com)

Some of the people whose work is most intimately affected by copyright law are musicians, yet there are many misconceptions and even outright falsehoods circulating in the musical community when it comes to things like the right to perform and make changes to existing songs, and what really constitutes fair use. If you've ever played a gig without making sure you were covered by a performance license or been tempted to change someone else's song to create a parody, here's what you need to know.