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Indie Bands: How to Score a Slot at the Voodoo Experience Music & Arts Festival in New Orleans

Image courtesy of Live Nation

Have you ever yearned for the opportunity to perform at a major festival and live it up in the incredible music city of New Orleans? Well, you're in luck – Los Angeles-based denim brand Rock Revival has just launched a nationwide talent search, where one winner will be selected to perform at the Voodoo Experience Music & Arts Festival in New Orleans, LA.

How to Perform at the A3C Hip Hop Festival

Image via a3cfestival.com

Calling all hot, up-and-coming hip-hop artists! Now's your chance to take the stage at Atlanta, GA's A3C Hip Hop Festival, the largest of its kind in the US, featuring more than 500 acts over five days. A3C is looking for 50 Sonicbids artists to join the ranks of past alums like J. Cole, Ghostface Killah, and 2 Chainz. As if sharing the stage with superstars and heatseekers weren't incentive enough, submissions are completely free until July 31, 2016(After that, the fee is $50, so don't wait!)

10 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Seattle Hempfest

By its name alone, you can probably make some assumptions about Seattle Hempfest. Yes, there's weed involved, but once you go beyond the obvious, It's at once a decriminalization rally, political gathering, and a platform for speakers ranging from Woody Harrelson to travel guru Rick Steves. Oh, and of course, there's the music. Artists like the Kottonmouth Kings, Everlast, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and more have graced its hallowed grounds.

But we knew there was even more to learn about this unique fest, so we went right to the source. Vivian McPeak, the producer of Seattle Hempfest, gave us the inside scoop on what makes this festival truly unlike any other.

7 Life-Changing International Festivals That Should Be on Every Musician's Bucket List

Image via Pixabay; used under Creative Commons

If you've got a hankering to hit up a music fest outside the US, strongly consider these seven annual spectacles. Each boasts its own unique extras: incredible locations, stupendous lineups, side parties that thrive oblivious to daylight. All of them look to be incredibly unforgettable experiences for attendees, and a couple are even looking to book artists right now.

Eskimeaux's Advice on Working Your Way Up in the Brooklyn Music Scene, Playing Northside Festival, and More

Photo by Richard Gin (courtesy of Grandstand Media & Management)

Gabrielle Smith – aka Brooklyn's Eskimeax – is probably a lot like you: her first recordings were made DIY-style after she adopted the moniker as an outlet for her experimental and noisey sounds. As time progressed, she founded the Epoch Collective as a home for other Brooklyn-based creatives and honed her own pop skills. Nowadays, she's playing bigger and better venues and even had her debut album, O.K., which was released on Double Double Whammy, included on NPR's All Things Considered's Top Albums of 2015. Not a bad feat for someone who started from humble beginnings, right?

It probably helps that she's got opportunities in her own backyard, like the borough's own Northside Festival, to help her propel her dreams. We couldn't resist asking her about her career, what it's like to be part of that very music scene, and how Northside helped her gain traction as an artist. (Psst, you can also play Northside! Apply here by April 18.) Here's what she had to say.