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A Complete List of Holiday Songs You Can Cover for Free

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This article originally appeared on Haulix.


If the calendar wasn’t enough a reminder, then the falling temperatures have surely alerted you that the holiday season is officially upon us. Some of you have probably witnessed advertisements featuring Santa Claus already, and if you haven’t, I can guarantee that you will soon enough.

Every year, we see artists of all sizes from every genre imaginable try to leverage love of the holidays with cover songs intended to boost interest in an otherwise slow time for the industry. Some of those efforts works better than others, but we encourage them all the same.

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Jan 5, 2016 07:00 AM

Jonathan Hack

'Tis the Season: Here's What Musicians Should Exchange Their Crappy Gifts For

You've decked the halls, jingled the bells, and rocked around the obligatory tree – festively adorned with a lifetime supply of shiny balls. No matter your belief system (or lack thereof), the holiday season generally shepherds in presents. Presents of all shapes and sizes! Glorious presents…well, not all glorious.

No, the act of receiving is not the meaning of the holidays, but it's often inevitable as we gather with family, toss some Bing on the old record player, and smile at the $8 check Great Aunt Ruth sent you three weeks before Thanksgiving. If only it stopped there! It's easy to smile at Great Aunt Ruth’s generous (yet unadjusted for inflation) gift, but it's quite a bit harder in person when Bubbie gives you a beautifully wrapped treasure that tears away to reveal a Shake Weight.

With this is mind, I've taken it upon myself to ease the gift-receiving awkwardness and offer up some music-related goodies for which to exchange your... well, crappy gifts. This is by no means a fully comprehensive guide, but rather a list of suggestions to focus on when you're face-to-face with a bad gift giver and trying to appear appreciative. Here goes.

5 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Give to Your Industry Contacts

Image via favim.com

It's holiday season, which means gifts, gifts, and more gifts! We get it, you're an independent musician, not a lawyer – money isn't a-flowing (yet). However, we really can't stress the importance of getting some type of gift for your industry contacts. Keeping a strong and happy network is going to help you down the road, and more importantly, it will be appreciated. You can set yourself apart with a small, cheap, and friendly holiday gesture.

Since holiday season is almost over, you might not have a ton of time left to get the perfect gift. Fear not – we have five last-minute gift ideas for you to send to your industry acquaintances!

5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Fans on Social Media

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Happy holidays, everyone! It's that time of year where Christmas music warms your heart (or drives you crazy), your clothes stop fitting (thanks, Grandma), and we celebrate with those close to us.

With social media being one of the main ways bands communicate with fans, we've come up with some tips on how to celebrate with them on the web. While people are buried in their phones, or avoiding conflict with Grandma about their grades or new girlfriend, they'll be happy to see you posting exciting, engaging content. Try these five ways to celebrate the holidays over social media with your fans!

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Dec 14, 2015 09:00 AM

Jeremy Young

The Ultimate Music Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


This holiday season, there’s probably a handful of Golden Ticket gift items on our wish lists, like the incredible Nord Electro 5 Keyboard, or Native Instruments’ new Komplete 10 pack, or Artiphon’s recently introduced Instrument 1, which unless we’ve been very, very good boys and girls, we might not get. So here are a few more great ideas to inspire those tasked with finding us, the musically obsessed, the perfect present.