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Don't Get Screwed Over: 3 Times Musicians Think a Handshake Deal Is Enough, But It's Not

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Musicians often ask me when they need to “get it in writing” as opposed to just having a verbal agreement or handshake deal. The real answer to that question is that you should always get agreements in writing, but there are three common scenarios where it's especially essential. Doing so will provide you with much needed protection later on when money or fame create unanticipated problems. Here's how you handle each situation.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Make An Album? A Breakdown of the Costs Involved

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You've got big dreams. You want to make an album that's going to change the landscape of modern music. There's just one little thing you need to factor in that doesn't have anything to do with the creative side or your magnum opus, and that's money.

Making an album isn't cheap, but costs vary greatly. While you generally get what you pay for, you don't really need to spend an arm and a leg to get a good quality recording nowadays. Check out these price estimates for making an album with a full rock band instrumentation.

Artists: Are You Sure You Own Your Masters? A Music Lawyer Explains

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You might think, "Hey, I recorded these songs, so I own them." But do you really? Read on to find out.

How to Know Where to Spend Your Money in Your Music Career (Part 2)

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In part one, we did a quick, to-the-point assessment to determine your musical goals and current career level. Now, in part two, we’ll outline some common scenarios of hypothetical musicians and where they’ll want to consider investing their money.

A note of transparency before we dive in: all of this is to help you level up your career and wisely spend your case. I don’t mean to micromanage your wallet, only to offer insight on how to best achieve your goals.

How to License Your Songs Under Creative Commons to Get More Exposure

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If you’re wondering whether a Creative Commons license is the right path for your song, read about the benefits and drawbacks in part one of this article.

As with any decision impacting your financial interests and the long-term path for your music, don’t make a permanent decision about licensing (such as licensing a song under Creative Commons) until you’ve weighed all of your options. Make sure to speak with a lawyer specializing in entertainment law if you have specific questions about your own music-licensing situation. Once you free a song using a permanent Creative Commons (CC) license, there's no going back, so look before you leap and continue reading for tips on how to obtain a CC license.