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How a Lost Suitcase Uncovered Self-Care Strategies All Musicians Can Use

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This post contains excerpts from episode four of The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast WTF Are My Pants?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a mindset coach for music professionals, teaching them how to slow down and focus on what’s important in order to create a sustainable career in the music industry.

This post is a bit of a personal story that I hope will serve you well next time you feel rushed to get it all done.

Beyond the Gig: 3 Creative Ways to get your Music to the Masses

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Fair warning: this week’s Gig Roundup doesn’t include any traditional gigs. Instead, we’ve handpicked some of the best shots for Sonicbids artists to market their music through avenues like TV, Licensing and Songwriting Contests. With past Sonicbids Grand Prize Winners including Megan Trainor and a judges committee consisting of George Clinton, Natasha Bedingfield, 311, Switchfoot, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimmy Cliff, Sheila E., Bob Weir, Bootsy Collins and American Authors, The John Lennon Songwriting Contest (JLSC) is an unconventional star-power machine. Read on for more info on this and two other opportunities to launch your career into the stratosphere.


5 Ways to Get Cheap, Custom Album Art

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Every musician just starting out (and even those who have been working for years) is looking to save a few bucks anywhere they can. Artists are constantly torn between spending the most money possible in order to create the best music they can, while also trying to cut corners and make do with what they can afford.

One expense that many new musicians don’t think about when it comes to releasing music is album art. Every piece of music needs a gripping cover that will attract attention, but, as is the case with everything good in this business, that typically costs a good deal of money. It doesn't have to.

Why and How to Stop Multitasking and Get More Done in Your Music Career

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Do you ever make lists and then get immediately overwhelmed?

You either avoid your to-dos altogether or try to knock out three things at once, afraid you'll never see the end of the list if you don't. Or you glaze over and try to start only to end up adding more things to the list.

I became a mindset coach because I wanted to show the error of my ways and how I went from a workaholic, sleep-deprived stress ball to a confident, centered business owner. One of these lessons was to stop multitasking.

The Best Time to Release Your Album in 2019

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It’s that time of year again where I give you a guide of the best months to release your music. In past years, I’ve focused on album releases while touching on singles a bit. This year will include both types of releases with tips on when to play into possible Spotify themes.