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3 Fests with Major Woodstock Vibes

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This week we’re featuring festivals booking now that’ll have you breaking out the Birkenstocks. Give your inner hippie the chance to vibe out at these three amazing opportunities, gain new fans and explore beautiful areas of the country. Read on for more details. 

9 Online and In-Person Music Promotion Strategies That Win Every Time

Image via pexels.comThink about your favorite band. What is it about them that makes you go to every show, buy all their merch, and follow their every move? Sure, their music connects with you — that’s the first step, after all. But if you think beyond the basics, odds are they have some kind of promotional strategy that keeps you engaged both in person and online. If they’re doing it well and being genuine about it, you probably don’t realize it’s promotion at all.

We’ve rounded up the strategies of major-label artists and emerging indies that are making their mark with unique, highly customized tactics that are ripe with inspiration. Here are nine ways to make them work for you, too.

How to Rock 2019 Like Adele

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When we last talked about Adele on this blog, she was saving the music industry in 2011 with the release of her critically (and everywhere else) acclaimed sophomore album, 21. We pointed out a few examples of her approach towards her audience and how she used her music to build an incredible platform to reach them on a deeper level.

4 Gigs for Winter Days and Summer Dreams

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This week we've rounded up some of the best gigs available exclusively through Sonicbids. Whether you need more gigs to keep you rockin through the winter or are already dreaming of the warmer days of summer, we've got opportunities in New York, Brooklyn, New Hampshire and Los Angeles that are just the fit. 

How Booking Gigs Helped Music Collective the Human Circuit Take It to the Next Level

Image via thehumancircuit.orgHere at Sonicbids, we love to share the successes of our artists. Recently, we chatted with Mat Oldiges, the keyboardist, producer, and vocalist of music collective and all-around immersive experience the Human Circuit to hear their story, pick his brain, and discuss the importance of putting your heart onstage.