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Get in On Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Beyond

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For this week’s Gig Roundup we are coming at you with some of our best New York gigs that make the transition from Summer to Fall. Like sun-soaked September days, these gigs won’t be around much longer, so get in while you can. First up in the set is the ever eclectic Brooklyn Night Bazaar. One of two opportunities this week sponsored by Defalco Presents, Brooklyn Night Bazaar (pictured above) welcomes Sonicbids artists of all genres to play at the 400 person capacity performance space. Check out this and three other can’t miss gigs below!


Accepting Applications: 2019 Noise Pop and More

NoisePop. (Photo by Martin Lacey / via Sonicbids)

In this week’s Sonicbids Gig Roundup, we’re featuring longstanding favorites and fresh new faces each with multiple slots open exclusively for Sonicbids artists. Noise Pop, now in its 27th year(!) has featured the likes of the White Stripes, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, and the Flaming Lips. Find out how to join their ranks, and check out three other huge opportunities below.

5 Music Industry Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Image via PixabayOver the past few years, podcasts have invaded mainstream media as not only entertainment but also a viable source of information, news, and more. Seemingly any topic has an endless supply of podcasts and hosts talking at length from every angle.

Music is no exception, and if you're looking for new music-industry resources, particularly if you're a songwriter, here are five podcasts you'll want to hit "subscribe" on immediately.

Is It Worth It to Release an Album on Cassettes?

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5 Reasons Your Band Hasn't Taken Off Yet

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Sometimes, when it feels like you’re doing everything right and you know you’re churning out great music, it can be difficult to understand what’s holding you back from the superstar success you know you’re bound for. But great music is never quite enough, as we’ve seen time and time again.

If you're still waiting for the pivotal moment your band starts gaining momentum, the root cause could be one of the five reasons below..