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Ready to Network? 4 Tactics to Try Out at This Year's Conferences

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It’s officially conference season! Whether you’re heading to SXSW in March, Launch Music Festival in April, East Coast Music Conference in May, or Indie Week in November, there’s no doubt that we’re entering an exciting time for opportunities and networking.

Yes, There Is a Proper Way to Follow Up After You've Been Rejected

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It's always tough to get rejected, but how you react to it can often mean the difference between success and failure. Sometimes, a “no” isn't a “no,” it's just a “not right now.” Unfortunately, many aspiring artists assume that door is closed forever and move on without another thought.

An important aspect of the music industry, though, is establishing and maintaining connections – perhaps those who said "no" can't help you today. But who knows? Maybe six months from now, something will change. Here is how to follow up after you've been rejected – it might turn a "no" into an opportunity after all.

4 Ways to Turn Online Conversations Into Offline Relationships

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It's never been easier to digitally communicate with people who work in the music industry. From artists and their managers to bloggers and their websites, one online conversation can transform into a vital relationship that carries its weight in gold both on- and offline.

But consistently turning these online interactions into relationships that extend beyond your screen can be challenging. Everyone is fighting for attention while not trying to come across as desperate, which makes it important to always have well-thought-out communication strategies in place. Here are four ways to turn online conversations into long-lasting, offline relationships that are mutually beneficial.  

How to Make and Maintain Great Music Industry Connections

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“It’s all about who you know” is a cliche repeated so often that we simply tune it out. But the fact is, it’s true. And it’s not just who you know – it's also what kind of relationships you have. There are artists who have been very successful simply because they're great "hangs."

If you're only able to do one thing to improve your music career, it should be working on your ability to make and maintain great connections. It’s something that I’m always trying to work on, and it’s something that you can start working on right now. Here's how.

14 Quick Fire Networking Tricks for Guitarists

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Networking is something all musicians should be doing. This doesn't mean that you have to be great at it; it just means that it's something you should do. If you're a guitarist and you're looking for work, the quickest way to find more gigs is to meet more people. Here are 14 networking tricks you can put to immediate use.