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How a Shoulder Injury Got Up-and-Comer Ryan Bronson Into Rapping

Image courtesy of the artist

A rapper who can rap about as fast as his idol 2Pac, Ryan Bronson is an exceptionally talented up-and-comer in the hip-hop game. From humble beginnings in 2011 to opening for Shwayze today, his ascension has been rapid. Expect big things from Bronson in the future as he starts to create his own beats and further develops his flow.

Bronson took time off his touring hustle to speak with us about his beginnings in hip-hop, what's in store next, and how Sonicbids has accelerated his process of becoming the next big thing in rap.

6 Things You Need to Know About Getting Your Songs Placed in Video Games

Paul McCartney composed "Hope for the Future" for Destiny and released it as a single and video earlier this month. (Image via dualshockers.com)

Musicians who want to gain more fans used to dream about being featured on the soundtrack of a film or TV show. That ambition is still relevant, except that today, video games are a bigger deal than Hollywood  and have been for a while now. This means that getting your music into a video game can be tougher than landing a song in a film. The struggle is worth it, though. Video games make more money than movies, and games are so successful that the gaming industry is growing four times faster than the US economy. Sounds strange, but it's true.

So, wondering how you can get in on the action? Here are six tips and answers to questions you may have about getting your music in a video game.

Top 5 Apps for Producers at Any Level

Rick Rubin and Dave Grohl (Image via unitedvirtuoso.com)

With today's technology moving so fast, it's difficult to stay current with the latest software and products for music production. If you aim to be the next Rick Rubin, you'll need a little help from your technological friends. There are a variety of cool, innovative apps for music producers on the market now – so whether you're a novice or an old pro, one of these five apps might be just what you're looking for!

5 Biggest Clichés in Hip-Hop Lyrics That Need to Stop ASAP

Lookin' at you, Wiz Khalifa. (Image via medievalbeatz.com)

As a hip-hop obsessive, I consider the best rhymes in rap to be poetry. I've already written about carrying Earl Sweatshirt's lyrics around like a book of poems. I listen to several new mixtapes every week, and while I find way more inventive, inspirational rhymes than terrible ones, I can't help noticing that I bump into the same tropes over and over again. Here are five rap themes that are so overdone and worth avoiding while penning your lyrics.

Caitlin Harnett Dishes on Her NXNE Experience

Image via caitlinharnett.com

You wouldn't expect the sounds of Laurel Canyon in the 1970s to come from someone born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but Americana singer-songwriter Caitlin Harnett defies the norm. In the past month, she released her debut album The River Runs North to a flurry of praise for her soulful vibes and rustic folk stylings. A NXNE veteran, Harnett shares her tips for playing the festival and how Sonicbids can accelerate the process of becoming part of it all.