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Steal These Strategies That Top PR Firms Use to Get Press for Your Band

Daniel Gill, of Force Field PR, has personal email follow-ups down. Image via Rollo & Grady.

When promoting a record, there are a couple of different philosophies about the most effective way to get your music heard. One, the carpet-bomb method, involves sending a press release, download, or digital stream to every contact in your press list arsenal. The other – and in my experience, more effective way – is to curate a list of writers whose work and tastes you know, who you think will really dig your sound, and to reach out to them personally.

6 Ways to Annoy a Music Journalist

You are better than this. (Image via Kim Kelly)

If you’ll indulge a Southern colloquialism, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. And yet, over and over again, I see bands make mistakes that leave a sour taste in music journalists’ mouths. Far from the result of a petulant or entitled attitude, these mistakes are usually just the product of cluelessness or thinking without acting. To help you avoid inadvertent pratfalls, I’ve rounded up music writers from around the country to dish on the biggest and most common mistakes they see bands make.

Do Liner Notes Still Matter?

Photo via Bear in Heaven, who don't sweat their liner notes too much.

For the better part of the last decade, writers and musicians across the internet have occasionally popped up to kvetch about the “death of liner notes.” The Chronicle of Higher Education wondered, “Are Liner Notes Dead?” way back in 2008, promising a brave new world in which iTunes would package digital liner notes with album downloads. Six years later, iTunes has followed through on that promise, sort of, by making liner notes available but forcing users to open them in a different app. A few exasperated customers take to the forums for advice on how to store and access these digital liner notes, but most of us simply enjoy our music without them.

5 Pro Tips for Dealing With a Bad Music Journalist

Sometimes journalists are just nervous fans. (via YouTube)

Sitting for an interview with a lousy, inexperienced or unprepared reporter is a drag on multiple levels — from the discomfort of trying to cheerfully limp through a series of half-baked or “what’s your favorite…” questions, to the awareness that the resulting story won’t reflect who you are well. While it may seem out of your control — after all, the journalist is the one shaping the conversation with the questions she chose — there are a number of ways to take charge of the situation and steer a chat with even the worst interviewer toward the talking points you want to touch upon.

Evan Lamberg, President of Universal Music Publishing Group, on What it Takes to Be a Great Songwriter

Photo courtesy of Evan Lamberg

When Evan Lamberg took over as president of the Universal Music Publishing Group in 2011, he knew he wanted to find a way to help up-and-coming songwriters connect with mentors and find a path to success. This year, he struck upon the right idea, found the right partners in Sonicbids and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and put together a songwriting contest, which will award a Universal Music Publishing contract as its top prize, as well as mentoring by some of the industry's best songwriters to runners-up. We caught up with Lamberg to talk about great songwriting's essential qualities and his tips for contestants.