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What Musicians Need to Know About Australia's Music Scene: An Inside Look With BOOM! BAP! POW!

Photo by Daniel Lames Grant

Australia's not only known for its unique natural wonders and beautiful nature, but also for its great contribution to music. While the Billboard charts usually feature artists from England or the United States at the top, there are tons of great music communities Down Under.

Soul-pop band BOOM! BAP! POW! has seen a ton of success in their hometown of Perth, one of Australia's most vibrant music cities. Whether they're licensing their music with major brands, reaching thousands on social media, or rocking their local scene, they're doing it right. We caught up with Paul Hines of the band to find out what might surprise people about the Australian music community and how they've found international recognition as an independent band.

Honing Your Craft, production

Jul 27, 2016 09:00 AM

Sam Friedman

How to Produce Music: A Beginner's Guide

Photo by Sam Friedman; used with permission

The role of the producer has been evolving for years and years. It used to be the person who booked the studio sessions, hired the musicians, and controlled the direction of the recordings. Today, that role remains for some, but we also look at producers as "the people who make the beats."

Atlanta producer Metro Boomin is just one example of a rising star in the modern world of production. He's produced several number-one records, and he gets full-blown media features just like the vocalists he makes beats for. We even have producers like Deadmau5 and Skrillex who are playing arenas.

So while the traditional producer role is still alive, it's evolving, and musicians are getting more and more adept at learning how to produce their own music.

How to Top the iTunes Charts as a Niche Artist: Advice From Jazz Vocalist Tia Brazda

Image courtesy of the artist

In the jazz world, we often think of making a living by playing covers in cafes and night clubs while balancing a few teaching gigs. But Toronto-based jazz vocalist Tia Brazda has managed to achieve so much more: both her EP and full-length album landed number-one spots on the iTunes Canada Jazz charts. Now, that might not be Billboard Top 100, but it's still pretty darn impressive. We had a chance to connect with her to learn about how she was able to chart at number one not just once, but twice, and what kind of impact that's had on her music career.

What the Rest of the World Needs to Know About Iceland's Incredible Music Scene: An Inside Look With Hinemoa

Image via sonicbids.com

When you think of Iceland, you probably imagine volcanoes, blue eyes, and Björk. The country has become a big tourist attraction for its stunning landscapes and nature, but also because of its vibrant culture. Even with a population of just over 300,000, the country has one of the most exciting and diverse music scenes today. 

Icelanders have no barriers when it comes to creating art; they're ambitious and driven by self-expression. We spoke with Sindri Magnússon, the bassist of Reykjavík indie-pop band Hinemoa, whose music has reached the top 20 on the national radio chart in Iceland, about all the surprising things the rest of the world doesn't know about their flourishing local music community.

Advice for Indie Artists Looking to Play Big Festivals: Q&A With Conrad Clifton

Image courtesy of the artist

Just about everyone, musician or not, is familiar with Billboard and its influence on the music industry. Artists who sit on top of Billboard's Hot 100 are some of the biggest stars in the world. For an aspiring artist, having your music recognized and praised by this venerable publication is guaranteed to give you some serious exposure.

Brooklyn-based EDM producer Conrad Clifton's music got a massive boost when he was selected through Sonicbids to perform at last year's Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival alongside headliners Justin Bieber, Skrillex, The Weeknd, and Nicki Minaj, and he hasn't slowed down since. Clifton used the festival to promote his sound and brand, as well as add extra credibility and professionalism to his career.