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How to Make Quality Music Videos for Free in 6 Steps

Photo by Leonard Adams via Wikimedia Commons

In the end, everything comes down to videos. There’s no more immersive medium for consumers of art, and no better way to get your artistic message across. In a video, potential fans are exposed to your music, your general aesthetic vision, and you. After watching one of your music videos, a viewer knows who you are, what you sound like, what you look like, what you’re all about. The trouble is, you may not have an expert cinematographer in the band, or the budget to hire a film crew, from key grips to the Best Boy.

Fortunately, when making a music video, it serves you best in almost every respect to make your first one for free. It will give you no choice but to maximize your creativity, allocate your resources wisely, and learn a new type of composition. Then, when you get signed to Superstar Records later and have an enormous budget for your next video, you won’t waste it. Here are six steps for making a music video, from concept to completion.

Ariel Hyatt's Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Everything We Know About Facebook's Algorithm

Image via youtube.com

This video originally appeared on Cyber PR.

Wondering what social media posts might warrant the most likes, or if it's appropriate to slap a hundred photos of your new baby on your band's fan page? What about understanding statistics when they all look like hieroglyphs? We're excited to share part one of Ariel Hyatt's popular three-part mini-masterclass video series with you, and it's all about Facebook!

3 TED Talks That Will Get You Insanely Motivated About Music All Over Again

Mark Ronson. (Photo by Griffin Lotz)

TED Talks consistently educate and inspire millions of people around the world. With so many innovative and educational lectures in practically every field of interest, it can be hard to decide which video to start with! If you've been feeling a lack of inspiration or the urge to discover new ideas about music, we'd highly recommend checking out these music-centered talks this weekend. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below, and feel free to share your favorite TED Talks with us as well!

4 Creative, Unique Music Videos to Inspire Your Own

New York duo The Sea The Sea commissioned artist Zachary Johnson to paint 3,454 oil paintings for their latest video, which he also directed. (Photo via theseathesea.com)

We're all tired of the stereotypical video where a band simply plays and the camera gets close-ups of each member, right? Even with a cool backdrop or interesting perspectives, the standard can be a little bland. All four of these Sonicbids artists have tossed tradition aside, opting for risk-taking creativity instead –  be it the style of the video, choosing a meaningful concept, or giving campy comedy a try. We hope their unique ideas inspire you to shuck the norms for your next video and take a risk with something new instead!

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Nov 21, 2014 12:00 PM

Sonicbids Staff

Emeli Sandé Shares Her Songwriting Tips [Video]

Image via billboard.com

Emeli Sandé, of "Free" and "Next to Me" fame, shares her tips on songwriting in this video from BBC Radio 1. In it, Sandé gives us a glimpse into the mind of a true lyricist and shares the many types of inspirations that have influenced her writing