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Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Jul 11, 2016 10:00 AM

When you've got to beat the heat of these summer days, take a second to relax and chill out with this week's most read articles! We've got everything you need from recording tips to legal advice. See what's in store below the cut!

1. 5 Performance Psychology Skills Every Musician Should Master

Image via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

Feel more confident, refine your practice skills, and improve your psyche to become a better musician.


2. The Number One Mistake Bands Make Right After Booking a Gig

number_one_mistake_bands_make_booking_gigs_shows_independent_diy_music.jpgImage via

Here's a thorough checklist to avoid this big gig-booking mistake.


3. 8 Signs You're Being "That Guy" Onstage

shutterstock_410774689Photo by Debby Wong via Shutterstock

No one likes "that guy" onstage, but you know who REALLY hates "that guy"? Your sound tech.


4. How to Record Your Band Using One Microphone

3262552062_07722651aa_b.jpgImage via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It doesn't take a fancy-schmancy recording studio to get something great. Keep it simple with just one microphone.


5. What to Do When You Keep Getting a Low Turnout at Your Shows

shutterstock_1466711Image via Shutterstock

Don't settle for a sparse crowd. Try these tips and watch eager fans flock to your next gig!


6. 8 Terrible Lyric Clichés You Need to Stop Using in Your Songs (And What to Write Instead)

shutterstock_367013954Image via Shutterstock

if you want to be a real songwriter, you should be aware of these overused lyrical concepts. It’s the only way to avoid them!


7. Follow These 6 Rules to Stay BFFs With Your Bandmates While Touring

friendsbandmatesImage via

Going on tour with your bandmates shouldn't be torturous – it should make you even better friends!


8. Are You Practicing Wrong? Why Your Routine Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Piano practice.jpgPhoto by Ian Price via

According to scientific research, your bad performance has more to do with your practice routine than your nerves or what’s going on around you.


9. 5 Lessons All Indie Artists Should Learn From Chance The Rapper

477900238_1280x720Screencap via

From the importance of giving back to keeping the right people around you, take notes from Chance The Rapper's playbook.


10. 9 Nuggets of Wisdom From Henry Rollins That All Musicians Need to Hear

shutterstock_85628593Photo by Mat Hayward via Shutterstock

You didn't plan to wake up and get inspired by the former Black Flag frontman today, did you?

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