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6 Creative Places to Play Shows That Aren't Bars or Concert Venues

Tacocat at Atlanta's Criminal Records. (Photo courtesy of Bobby Moore)

When piecing together a tour or finding local gigs, there are plenty of options beyond traditional venues. If bars, clubs, and other venues are booked, there are other kinds of businesses and nonprofits that sometimes host bands. From the traditional in-store appearance at a local record store to shows at museums and art galleries, options abound for bands at all levels of notoriety. Here are six different kinds of places to hit up about shows if a concert at a tiny punk club or mid-sized venue falls through.

What These Full-Time Musicians Wish They Knew Before Quitting Their Day Jobs

White Mystery's Alex White (left) is a "quit your day job" success story. (Photo by Bobby Moore)

For a select few musicians, some level of stardom is achieved at some point. Or at the very least, consistent touring is an option, leaving no time for full-time work because he or she is generating enough cash from playing live to pay rent. As glamorous as a life completely devoted to the music you love may sound, here are a few things to keep in mind before diving into a full-time chase of the rock 'n' roll dream, paired with sage advice from actively touring musicians.

Musicians: 5 Inspiring Movies You Should Watch on Netflix This Summer

Image via Wikimedia Commons

For most aspiring musicians, Netflix provides mindless entertainment on nights away from music, a 30-minute time killer before a gig, or background noise for the afterparty. It's also a good source for documentaries, some of which feature famous musicians or even chronicle the journeys of lesser-known acts. So the next time you're on Netflix looking for something to watch, consider the following five films, which can teach artists from any genre not just popular music history, but also lessons they can apply to their craft.

4 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Band Merch and Promo Costs

Image via badgesandstickers.co.uk

Designing band merchandise and promotional materials is a creative exercise second only to writing songs. But what if ambition exceeds band funds? Here are a few simple ways to cut corners financially without watering down the final product too much. Each method will keep more money in the band's coffer, or at least redistribute funds into the local DIY community.

3 Ways Musicians Can Stand Out on Social Media

Image via pixababy.com

Social media has become one of the most powerful self-promotional tools for all artists, from DIY punks to established acts. But while many acts use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise new releases and upcoming shows, a few go the extra mile, upping their statuses as fan-friendly acts by interacting with others or posting fun and clever content. Keep the following bullet points in mind if you're interested in using social media for more than just sending out event invites or posting concert posters.