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8 Rules for Being a Great Music Industry Intern

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Internships are a huge part of breaking into the music industry. You've probably heard it's all about the connections – and it's true. However, that can be to your advantage if you know how to establish relationships and make the most out of your time interning. After interning throughout the summer and learning a few things the hard way, I've compiled a list of guidelines to help you best navigate the art of interning.

What These Full-Time Musicians Wish They Knew Before Quitting Their Day Jobs

White Mystery's Alex White (left) is a "quit your day job" success story. (Photo by Bobby Moore)

For a select few musicians, some level of stardom is achieved at some point. Or at the very least, consistent touring is an option, leaving no time for full-time work because he or she is generating enough cash from playing live to pay rent. As glamorous as a life completely devoted to the music you love may sound, here are a few things to keep in mind before diving into a full-time chase of the rock 'n' roll dream, paired with sage advice from actively touring musicians.

The Crucial Lessons You Learn as an Unknown Musician Trying to Make a Living

Randy Michael (left) and his production company co-founder, Jonah Swilley (right). (Image via facebook.com)

If you haven't yet realized the likelihood you'll ever headline your hometown's corporate-sponsored amphitheater is incredibly slim, here's your wake-up call: you probably won't. Like, ever. But that doesn't mean your music-making career can't generate some amount of income. There are myriad ways to earn money without being recruited into the mainstream ranks – and none of them include holding out for the attention of a major label.

Top 4 Ways to Prevent Common DIY Touring Disasters

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Every band I know that's been on a DIY tour has some crazy story about a show, a drive, or a place they stayed where things went awry, and they had to quickly figure a way out of it before they got themselves hurt. I've definitely had my own share of van breakdowns, sketchy houses and venues, and encounters with crazy, sometimes dangerous people on the road. I'm still learning about how to avoid those situations altogether, but here are four tips I've received from other bands and lessons my own personal experience has taught me about avoiding disasters while on tour.

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining a Second Band

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Being constantly busy with musical activities can be a ton of fun and a very satisfying way to go about your life. But balancing more than one dedicated band can be a serious challenge, and if you aren't good at staying organized, you can easily run into trouble when trying to schedule big events such as touring and recording around your other projects.